Zombie Cat?

18 Sep

Today I saw a cat run across a road carrying a rabbit.  It was dead.

The rabbit, not the cat.  It wasn’t a zombie cat or a ghost cat or anything like that.

Just a cat with a dead rabbit.

And so I had the start of my blog.  I’d been thinking for some time about putting my random thoughts down (for a while I ran a blog for a toy penguin and his various travels, but there’s a limit to where a stuffed penguin can go).   I just wasn’t sure where to start.  Or what I’d write about that would last longer than 3 paragraphs.   Then I figured, why limit myself?  In life my thoughts tend to be fairly random and jumpty (not sure if that’s a real word, but it sounds appropriate so I’m using it and my trade mark it) so why shouldn’t my writing be the same?  At this precise moment, the various things jumping up and down and waving to get my attention and feature on that all important first blog are:

  • my attempt to get back into running
  • the antics of my dog
  • cakes and coffee

Maybe I should start at the cat:  I’m not supposed to be running.  I had an operation a few weeks ago and the consultant said no running for three months.  But what does he know?  ok, technically probably quite a lot and I did trust his level of knowledge enough to knock me out, cut me up, rip bits out and stitch me back up.  But on running, I’m sure he didn’t really mean three months, I reckon that was an exaggeration and if he knew the level of crazy that can grow in my head when I don’t run I’m sure he’d have suggested I could go out earlier.  Its sort of like medicine.

That makes it sound like I run/ran a lot.  so perhaps I should clarify.  I used to run.  A lot.  I used to be fit.  Not in a way that would give Paula anything to worry about (Radcliffe, that is, not the lady that lives over the road or your Aunty Paula).  But fit enough in a ‘half marathon next week?  why not, I don’t need to do any training and will still knock out a sub 2 hour’ type of fit.  Then stuff happened (this may or may not feature in future blogs) and I stopped running – mainly replacing it with drinking, dancing, going out and generally having good time.  Anyway, a few years of that and I started running again – only to get injured and have to stop for a year.  Started again, had an operation and had to stop for seven months.  Started again, yep, another operation and out of action again.  This time though I’m determined to not only get back into things more quickly, but get my distances up and get a half marathon achieved by next birthday (May, by the way, in case you want to get me a card).

So that’s the ‘challenges‘ part of the title – running.  I’m down to do a 10k trail run in October which I didn’t cancel when I got booked in for op.  I reckon I can still do it.  Others may disagree (particularly husband who gave The Look when I said I reckon I can still do it).

Probably worth mentioning the other C words:

 Cakes and caffeine.   While I’ve been off work I’ve been doing a tour of the various cafes of Bedford.  There are a lot of them, far more than I realised and far more than a town of Bedford’s nature should probably have. (see section on rants below).  To keep me from going too stir crazy (I refer you back to the level of crazy I can reach when confined to house and not able to get out and run or work or speak to people) I’ve been taken out most days for coffee and cake.  I hasten to add, I can walk and sit.  I haven’t been wheeled there in a bath chair with a tartan blanket over my knees.  I realise I did make it sound a little like that.  So some of the blogs will be a critique of the cafes, cakes and caffeine.  Sort of  ‘Coffee in Bed(ford)’.

Canine:  I have a seven month old puppy.  He’s called Eddie and is a Slovakian Rough Haired Pointer (don’t feel bad if you haven’t heard of one of them, they are fairly rare in the UK).  He has his own Facebook Page and may do occasional guest editing of this blog.

‘other’ C Word:  apparently I can be a little firey at times (I like to call it having standards and not being afraid of fighting for them to be maintained!).  So now and then I may get a bit vocal about things that bug me.  In the past month or so this has ranged from the riots (little obvious); BT (again, perhaps a little obvious); chicktionary continually crashing on my iPad; people who don’t clear up poo in the dog park; Bedford bus station.  None of those things are linked, though I suspect the last two could be.

Hopefully that gives a little bit of a flavour of what is to come.  But back to the Cat – not a Zombie cat and not a ghost cat – but still an inspirational cat (and you don’t know how much it hurts me as a dog person that a cat inspired me).  I’d decided to get back out and do a gentle, plodding run just to the end of the road and back to see how I fared.  As I got to the end of the road the said Cat sprinted across.  It was a fairly small cat, black and white, not in any way likely to be mistaken for a puma or tiger.  But it was carrying a rabbit that was at least half its size.  And it was running at full pelt.  So I figured, “hell if a little cat can sprint like that while its carrying a corpse, the least I can do is crack out a 5k.  Result:  5k achieved in the slow time of just over 31 minutes.  Nowhere near the speed I used to have, and not even close to the time I’d achieved a couple of months ago.  But I got out there and I did it.  So – thank you, non-zombie cat.



2 Responses to “Zombie Cat?”

  1. Mr WordPress September 18, 2011 at 2:20 pm #

    Hi, this is a comment.
    To delete a comment, just log in, and view the posts’ comments, there you will have the option to edit or delete them.

  2. PloddingAlong September 18, 2011 at 5:24 pm #

    Once again, nature shows us the way. I wasn’t sure whether to do a kettlebells session last week, but then I saw an otter pushing a child’s wheelbarrow up some stairs, so decided it’d be fine.

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