Lack of Cake is Detrimental

20 Sep

Although still not supposed to be running, went out for a 5k to get rid of cobwebs and see if I could improve on Sunday’s run.  The thought of the Dunstable Downs 10K trail run is looming in my mind – I still haven’t pulled out in hope I’ll be able to do it.  Came up with a hypothesis which I may seek funding to test out.  That is:  lack of cake is detrimental to running performance.  Basic research so far shows that after a few (several?) weeks of eating cake and consuming large quantities of coffee I did a ‘slow-but-not-bad-considering-I’d-had-op-and-not-run-for-7-weeks’ time (I may have to work on the official title of that time, doesn’t trip off the tongue).  Today, having had a couple of days of relatively healthy eating – ie, no cake, no coffee, actual vegetables and some fruit – I ran a slower time.  By over a minute.  Not sure how this happened.  Will give it another go on Thursday, without cake if willpower holds out til then, but if times still slow …. book my seat at Fancies!


2 Responses to “Lack of Cake is Detrimental”

  1. PloddingAlong September 20, 2011 at 8:43 pm #

    It’s worth remembering that chocolate cake has 37% more glucosamine for healthy joints.

    And a spoonful of fudge icing contains more antioxidants than a whole branch of Holland and Barratt.

  2. sharonb0087 September 21, 2011 at 4:45 pm #

    PloddingAlong: So carrot cake really does count as one of my five a day?

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