Not letting the birds nest in my hair

26 Dec

“The birds of sorrow may fly over your head, but its up to you whether you let them nest in your hair.”

Twitter has a wealth of information, banal comments, photos of oddities and the ability to stalk safely, but this Chinese proverb has been floating round my head since I read it there a few days ago.  At the beginning of this year I set myself two resolutions:  to get a dog and to buy a house.  I achieved both those.  Along the way I lost other things – a husband and marriage spring to mind – but also my way.  My running had been intermittent for the last few years, but this year I was really determined to get back on track.  Despite an operation laying me up for a few months, I came back ready to go – signed up for a half marathon next year, started to plan a marathon, was running regularly, was losing weight and feeling generally positive about life.

Then the birds of sorrow appeared and started flying around and sh***ing everywhere.  Everything started to fall apart in my life. With everything else going on, I pulled out of a race, I stopped running to work,I stopped running full stop.  A week of not running spread to several weeks.  I’d put in for a 10k at beginning of December which I felt I ought to still do, so I did (and pulled in a not to shabby 69 minutes) then worked out it had been 6 weeks since I’d run.  Then I stopped again.  Unfortunately carb loading didn’t stop – bacon butties, sandwiches, pasties (Greggs, you have a lot to answer for), cake, you name it, I ate it.  No running + lotta eating = weight piling on.   Those birds of sorrow very soon had crows of no-confidence to back them up.

Then came Christmas Eve, a Christmas I really wasn’t looking forward to, so needed distraction and something to focus on.  What could be better than fancy dress – a sort of scarecrow for those birds of sorrow.  So I pulled on the santa outfit and at 0900 on Xmas Eve I ran my first Bedford parkrun since around September time.  It wasn’t my best time, it was possibly closer to my worse (does anyone remember worst times? In fairness I rarely remember best times so I’m really not going to focus on a worst).  But I made it round.  I didn’t walk any of it.  I didn’t throw up.  I didn’t wear my phone so I had no coach and no music.  I just ran and thought.

In that thinking I decided that I really don’t need birds nesting in my hair, what I need is a plan and some focus.   So Christmas Day I dragged myself back out again and did another parkrun, still slow time but still made it out there when I could have been sat at home drinking bucks fizz.  Then during the day, whilst my calorie consumption can only be counted on the computer that looks after the Hadron Collider (I don’t actually know if the Hadron Collider has a computer that looks after it, it was just the biggest thing I could think of and I ate a lot of calories!!) – my alcohol consumption was restricted to a couple of glasses of wine, and one of them I didn’t finish.  Small steps towards a healthier lifestyle, very small steps, but steps nonetheless.

Today (Boxing Day) back out to parkrun, as a marshall this time – but the fact that I got up and went out shows me that I can do it.  I can channel that and get myself running again.  So I’ve set myself some resolutions, a bit earlier than usually set, but gotta get chasing those birds away:

Short term – through January

  • Every week achieve at least four sessions of exercise (as I’ve signed up for Bootcamp, one will be an evening session of this; parkrun on Saturday takes care of another, so just two more runs to put in)
  • No refined carbs during the week – so no pasties, sandwiches, butties and cakes.  At the weekend one treat of either toast, a cake or croissant … but only if the four sessions of exercise has been achieved

Medium term – through to middle of March

  • Build running up to the Milton Keynes half marathon 4 March – this means adding at least 10% each week to my long run
  • Be eating a healthy diet – more fruit and veg, more protein and less carbs – eat for fuel and health not to suppress emotions
  • Identify a way of having house of my own, ie, not jointly owned

Long term – by end of the year

  • Have run a marathon
  • Have reached a weight I’m happy with
  • Be enjoying myself with friends and planning an amazing Christmas

But most of all – be rocking a great hairstyle without any birds nesting in it.

Scarecrow Santa prepares to run

made it ... first step, check


2 Responses to “Not letting the birds nest in my hair”

  1. moreglitter December 26, 2011 at 6:34 pm #

    Looks like good plan – right now I’m working on my life too – I also had really bad time lately.
    I heard that running is recommended for people with depression, and so, because it really makes people happier. For me it’s going to the gym (I’m a terrible runner, really :D), so I’m thinking about adding it to my list od new year resolutions 🙂
    And yeeah, no carbs. I was on a South Beach diet and for me it was perfect, though, it was hard to remove carbs from my daily eating routine.
    Good luck! 🙂

    • sharonb0087 December 27, 2011 at 9:36 pm #

      Thank you for your comments – I think I have a South Beach diet book lurking around somewhere so might dig that back out.

      Running is definitely useful for helping manage depression, I know a few people who use it. Add it to your list and get out there … small distances to begin with, but if you’re going to the gym you must already be fit so you’ll be fine.

      sorry to hear you’ve been having a bad time lately, hope you are being supported by good friends.

      Love the lights on your blog btw!!

      good luck with your list! 🙂

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