Monday, Tuesday, happy days ….

29 Dec

Today’s ‘things that make me happy’ photo comes with a sub-category of ‘things that made me happy but I was going to fast and didn’t have my camera ready so couldn’t get a photo’ – though I’m not sure that will catch on as a title and TTMMHBIWGTFADHMCRSCGAP makes no sense whatsoever as an acronym.

So, I’ll leave you waiting a little longer for the official photo of ‘things that make me happy’ and cover TTMMHBIWGTFADHMCRSCGAP (still not sounding catchy?):  driving to Milton Keynes (Ikea, to replace the blinds that Ed ate – he did not make me happy that day and can thank his lucky stars that he’s so cute and could get away with it.  which makes me think – is that the same for humans and animals, that those who are cute can get away with more, hmmm, may have to store that as an idea for future blog … can someone keep track for me and remind me if I haven’t covered it by, say, June).  Anyway, driving to Milton Keynes and saw TWO TINY HORSES BEING WALKED ON LEADS.  They were probably the size of Ed if not shorter, but fatter, and were being walked along the side of the road.  Please don’t anyone burst this happiness bubble by pointing out they were probably on bridles and being taken to a different field.  It was tiny horses.  On leads.  Being walked.  End of.

A sighting of that happy-inducing event kind of makes the official photo seem slightly dull in comparison,but I didn’t get a photo, so it doesn’t count.  The rules are strict.  And, oh, who am I kidding, stationery can NEVER be dull, NEVER.  The hours of pleasure browsing around Staples (the shop, not the little metal clips, you can’t browse around them, they get stuck in your feet and hurt), the sigh as you get a new book, fresh and unwritten in, ready for your best handwriting on the first page.  This is something that other people who love stationery will understand – and if you love stationery you may also find that you are a carbohydrate addict.  I’m not sure whether correlation implies causation, but research was done that showed if you were drawn to fancy pens, post it holders in the shape of bags, paperclips in the shape of penguins (two addictions in one!) then you would also have a carb dependency.  Ask around, you’ll find it to be so.

But to get back to the point today’s ‘TTMMH’ is:  Sharpies in a range of colours and flip charts (with thanks to Pauline and Claire at planning session earlier today for giving me the excuse to bring in my set of pens – and my own flip chart – and for bearing with me as I scribbled and listed and drew flow charts from their ideas!)



2 Responses to “Monday, Tuesday, happy days ….”

  1. Julia Veal December 29, 2011 at 6:50 pm #

    Mate with the positioning of those Sharpie pens, i think you have CDO. – It’s like OCD but all of the letters are in alphabetical order, AS THEY SHOULD BE!

    • sharonb0087 December 29, 2011 at 6:54 pm #

      I actually kept my CDO (so true, so true) in check – note they are not grouped in colours and ranging down through shade/tone!!

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