Funny shaped balls

1 Jan

First thing this morning my ‘thing that makes me happy’ was going to be my sausage sandwich – Sainsbury’s caramalised red onion sausages, seeded bread and onion chutney.   Delicious.  However, following an afternoon at rugby watching the Bedford Blues play the Pirates my ‘thing that makes me happy’ is rugby.

Couple of reasons for this.  Firstly, the possibly obvious and shallow reason – rugby players are FIT.  And I don’t mean in a ‘I can run around and throw myself across the mud and grab other men by the legs and not throw up for well over an hour’ sort of fit*, I mean  they have very chunky thighs and very tight bottoms and make shorts look as good as I’ve ever seen shorts look. (*I should add that the throwing up would be down to physical exertion, not because they felt nauseous from grabbing men’s legs.)

Secondly, I had a great afternoon with two friends.  We shared a few drinks (including an accidental snakebite – welcome back my mis-spent youth, welcome back) a lot of chat and even more laughs.  I love that I was doing something I wouldn’t normally do, that rather than being sat in front of the telly eating monster munch, I was out in the rain**, giggling and gossiping and generally being happy. (**I’m becoming a little curious as to why two ‘happy’ have been linked to being out in the rain.  Am I turning into a frog?)

The gossip and giggling may also have lead to a couple of rather dramatic new year resolutions being set***, but there’s nothing like a challenge, hey Barb!! (*** not going to reveal them yet, but if they come off it’ll be an awesome year end!!!)

(oh, and for those that need the stats – Bedford Blues beat Cornish Pirates 32-13)

No 11, Josh Bassett (I think!)

There will be a punishment for first person to come up with any comment linking sausage sandwich to rugby players, so no ‘oooh, missus, I wouldn’t mind a bite of his sausage/having a sausage sandwich with him’ etc.  Punishment will involve being forcibly made to watch back to back episodes of Carry On films.

No 11 in action

And stretch ..


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