A run in the sunshine

2 Jan

Unfortunately, not me running – a sore, swollen throat that came on this afternoon meant I had to put my run on hold.  The runner here was Ed.  The initial part of a walk with Ed is a great way to work on the bingo wings, as he still hasn’t got to grips with walking to heal.  In addition to pulling, he’s really taken against the halti, so adds in an odd ‘walk on three legs whilst the other leg rubs at my nose to try and get halti off’ dimension to the struggle.

The ‘happy’ came watching Ed belt around the riverside garden like an absolute loon, interspersed with him trying to decide if he was brave enough to take on swans (he wasn’t).  Since his accidental dipping while he was still a puppy – when the concept of water not being solid wasn’t something he knew about – he hasn’t gone fully in.  Instead he’ll get his front feet in and a bit of  ‘speed walking’ across the muddy reeds.  I don’t think we’re far away from a swim yet, so may need to invest in thigh high waders in case he decides the fields on the other side are a bigger lure than the bondage of his halti.  (to anyone who is here after googling  ‘thigh high’ and ‘bondage’  – my apologies that this may not bring the dogs you were expecting.)

Even Ed hitting me at full pelt and trying to take my achilles out couldn’t wipe the smile from my face as I watched him leaping all four feet in the air and bounding around like a hairy hare!  Is this what people feel like when they’re watching their kids take their first kicks of a football and playing in the park?  though hopefully most parents wouldn’t have the urge, as I did, to give a little bit of a push when Ed was trying to pull the giant stick out of the water … purely in the interests of a more humorous photo, its all about the art!   However, I can still add the ‘no animals were harmed in the making of this blog’ as I did hold back from the urge (for now, Ed, for now – mwhah hah hah hah ha!)

dog on the run

a little push and this would have been a great photo

contemplating the swans

2 Responses to “A run in the sunshine”

  1. DaytonaDog January 2, 2012 at 9:31 pm #

    I remember the very first time Archie went for a full on proper swim. I was so chuffed and proud of him and I was beaming from ear to ear, so I know exactly the feelings you describe

    • sharonb0087 January 4, 2012 at 9:32 pm #

      I may actually cry when Ed first goes for proper swim! Am tempted to take him to a beach somewhere so that he can get his feet wet properly and ease his way in (does anywhere do doggy swimming lessons?!?)

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