Planes, planes and jeeps

24 Oct

This will be last day of internet connection for about a week, also last day of comfort for about a week!  Currently lounging in a comfy chair in a rather lovely little bar area of a delightful hotel in the Kilimanjaro region, which makes me think of every costume drama about colonial times that I’ve ever seen! 

Wherever I’ve been on travels, it’s always been the people that have made an experience.  Lasting memory of Nepal is the people I’m still in touch with from the trek and sitting in a bar by candlelight  singing rugby songs with some Australian soldiers!  New York was all about drinks with the staff at an underground (literally!) jazz bar.  This time, so far it’s the lovely lady I met on the plane, who was born in Tanzania, has moved round so many parts of the world, and was telling me tales of wonderful places I should visit. 
Slight worrying moment was her pointing out that Ethiopia  was in State of Emergency – just as we approached Addis Ababa for a change of flight.  Fortunately the lady in front of us was from there and spoke about states of emergency occurring there in the same casual way we mention rain in England!  

A few delays and a casual attitude to timing that would make ‘manana’ seem OCD and the final plane journey set off.  Worth every delay for the first glimpse of Kilimanjaro.  I’d actually spotted another mountain first and thought it really didn’t look that bad or too challenging.  When I saw this I had a change of heart upon realising I’d been looking at a molehill in comparison to the real mountain!! 

I’ve now met my fellow walkers … two of them!  We pretty much have a private trek…. which is either going to be really great or really embarrassing if my training and fitness isn’t up to all I thought it would be.  

That update will be in a week’s time.  Wish me luck!! 


One Response to “Planes, planes and jeeps”

  1. Barbara October 25, 2016 at 6:19 am #

    May you discover beauty on your trek as you breathe in the experience. Enjoy xx

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